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My name is Craig Watkins and I am the founder and owner of Tin Star Media Graphic Design Co. I design custom graphics for businesses that want a designer who is professional, personable, resourceful and dedicated to communicating their message to the world. I provide the attention to detail of a craftsman and the creative energy of the artist. I’d like to get to know you and your business and talk to you about what I’ve done and what I can do for you. So please, “come on in” and have a look around.

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Ads Designed While You Wait!

There’s a tattoo shop in Louisville and Lexington called Tattoo Charlie’s with the slogan: “Tattoos While You Wait!”... 

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18 Benefits of Hiring Me for Your Next Project

Do you have a design, web, marketing, illustration or advertising job that needs to be done? While a design firm or agency can offer... 

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Where Have You Been?!

Where have I been is a better question?! I’m so glad you asked… In the “woodshed” man. Getting it done. I’ve... 

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New (Old) Items Added to Galleries

I’ve been going through some archives looking for pieces that I thought turned out well or are some of my favorites. Here are... 

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